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Our mission is to create and distribute the best content for your hotel which will benefit your revenue management yearly targets. Our expertise includes Content Creation, Hotel Revenue Management, Fraud and compliance, Social Media Distribution and Marketing Campaigns.

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Main Benefits

Main Benefits for Hotels

Have solution when having excess of inventory, especially in low season
Have solution to last minute cancellations, modifications and no shows
Save time to PR department by filtering the high amount of collaboration requests
Take advantage of our knowledge in Fraud and Compliance. We analyze every Influencer profile to detect fraudulent patterns
Avoid wasting Influencer Marketing budget by working only with REAL Influencers
Helps making sure your hotel stands out  from the competitors in your area

Main Benefits for Bloggers/Influencers

Take advantage of our Hotels Network to get the best deals according to your audience
No need to negotiate with the hotels, we do it for you
Increase your audience by getting featured in our social media channels

What Our Customers Say

  • Dear Pedro

    Thank you very much for your mail and your reviews.

    Also for you all the best in 2018.

    Best wishes from snowy St. Wolfgang,


    Best wishes,

    Ute Albrecht
    Resident Manager

    Ute Albrecht
  • Hi Pedro,

    Thank you  for the long and detailed article about the hotel Monge. I’m so glad to read that you liked your stay !
    Regarding Tripadisor, we might have many exposure and as your review was really complete people might pay more attention to it 🙂

    Thanks again,

    All the best,

    Head of Communication.

    Charlotte Caen
  • Dear Pedro,

    What a fantastic critic on your blog – I am totally over the moon! Thank you so much, I appreciate a lot. And I love the Foto in Bed & like you style of posting and writing. This was a fabulous cooperation. Thank you so much – so great you came! Let’s do that again one day 🎉

    Best from Berlin

    Jung Gil

    PR Managerin


    Jung Gil

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